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Metal microporous materials have good temperature resistance and excellent mechanical properties. At room temperature, the strength of metal microporous material is 10 times that of ceramic material, and even at 700 ℃, its strength is still about 4 times higher than that of ceramic material. The good toughness and thermal conductivity of metal microporous materials make them have good heat resistance and seismic resistance. In addition, metal microporous materials also have good processing and welding properties. These excellent properties make metal microporous materials have more extensive applicability and superiority than other microporous materials.

In modern industry, metal Ultramicroporous products and technology are widely used. From the early watch industry to the widely used textile industry, filter equipment and air purification industry, and then to the high-tech chip industry, there are metal ultra microporous technology.

We have processing equipments and testing facilities from Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Japan and other countries. We have a strong supporting system of product manufacturing, product testing and special tool processing, keeping pace with the international counterparts. We have strong product development ability and market adaptability.

The company has a research and development department, which can provide effective services to customers in product development. In addition, we are more in line with the spirit of continuous innovation, and strive to produce better products, in order to give back the support of customers. At present, the annual production capacity and actual output of spinneret products of our company have reached more than 30 million holes, and thousands of products are processed every year, among which hundreds of new products are developed. Due to the marketable products and high market reputation, it has attracted many domestic chemical fiber enterprises to cooperate with our company. The company has more than 300 main users in the domestic market, and the product market share is more than 50%. Moreover, our spinneret products have gradually entered the markets of Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe and America, and gained a good reputation. It has more than 300 customers in more than 40 countries, especially in India, where the chemical fiber industry is developing rapidly, accounting for more than 60% Market share.

Post time: Nov-07-2020