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In modern industry, metal microporous technology and products are widely used in multiple fields. Among them, textile products (clothing and home textiles) and medical protection products account for a large proportion. From the raw material (chemical particles) to the finished product, the raw material has to go through several processes, such as spinning, weaving, dyeing, sewing, etc., and the most important process is how to transfer the raw material from particles to chemical fibers, so spinneret technology came into being.

Spinneret is also called spinnerette. it’s a kind of something with many small holes in the thimble like metal nozzle used for chemical fiber spinning. The material being melted or chemically dissolved, then  is pressed out from the holes to form filament, which is solidified by condensation, evaporation or cooling. Spinnerets are mostly made of stainless steel,but rayon production requires platinum. The size and shape of the spinneret holes determine the filament’s cross-sectional shape. Each hole forms a single filament, and the combined filaments form filament yarn.

With the development of the covid-19 in the world, as well as the outbreak in the United States and Europe, the protection products with the core technology of nonwoven fabric (spun bonded fabric / melt blown fabric) have gained the world’s attention again. From the disorder in the early stage of the epidemic to the new quality requirements, our company has developed melt blown spinnerets & spun bonded spinneret & spinneret die header & non-woven fabric production line to meet the market demand, and get good feedback from the market.

In addition, our company also has a large market share of spinnerets used in traditional weaving fabrics, such as various composite spinnerets (sea-island type / sheath-core type / segment-pie type), and are exported to Southeast Asia.


Post time: Nov-07-2020