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The whirlpool nozzle of the spinneret. And forming a thread.

The function of the mud spinning cap spinneret is to convert the viscous high melt or solution into a thin stream with a special shape, and the breath that flows out is like air or soaked silk.

More fibers have different types and specifications, with different specifications, shapes, holes, materials, etc. The spinneret wire works at the temperature and pressure it faces. Requires pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and New Zealand mechanical strength.


Spinnerets can be divided into: (1) Ordinary type, which can be divided into melt spinning spinnerets (their shapes are round, wet oval, and fan-shaped); (2) Special-shaped spinnerets, the cross-section of the spun fiber is non-circular Shaped; (3) Composite spinnerets to make composite fibers.

The spinneret tester can be used to detect whether the spinneret is painful. As a manufacturer of testing instruments, we study the SG689M and SG689M for sucking milk, and can develop instruments according to customer needs. This is still in the industry, and welcomes those in need. Friends contact us at any time.



Post time: Jun-21-2021