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spunbonded spinneret

Short Description:

Produces a variety of high-precision spinnerets with various species and specifications, widely used in synthetic fields such as polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, polyurethane and so on.

The company also develops products such as ultra-fine cotton polyester, sheath-core type, sea-island type and non-woven spinnerets and related components, with a strong innovation capability of new products.

Product Detail

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ODM/Melt Blown/Chemcial fiber/Spandex Spinneret Specifications
Dia.Of Spinneret Capllaries/D L/D Of Spinneret Capillaries Dia.Of Spinneret Capllaries Tolerance Length Of Spinneret Capillaries Tolerance
    Precise Grade Height Precise Grade Precise Grade Height Precise Grade
0.04-0.1mm 1/1-5/1 ±0.002 ±0.001 ±0.01 ±0.02
0.1-0.5mm 1/1-5/1 ±0.002 ±0.001 ±0.01 ±0.02
0.5-1mm 1/1-10/1 ±0.002 ±0.001 ±0.01 ±0.02
1-2mm 1/1-20/1 ±0.004 ±0.002 ±0.02 ±0.03
Chamfering of guide hole


Guide Hole


Excessive Angle




Mirror Polishing





If you want to do something better, you must first grind your sword.

New product´s development and release is the vitality for a company´s continuous development, SSPM Spinneret is such a company which pays great attention to this. It is trying its best to provide its customers with the latest design and stay ahead of other companies of its kind.


Quality is the key to product sales. Based on a lofty faith on quality assurance, the enterprise has imported a complete set of advanced Inspection and experiment facilities, circumspect in each small step, persistent in comprehensive implementation of quality management, to create a situation of quality control with whole-staff involvement and all-level responsibility in a mutual cooperation and mutual monitoring between different posts of different divisions, which has constructed a framework for multi-facetted quality management.


The enterprise attaches importance to each quality enhancement just as paying attention to the enhancement of its holistic image and the company has now been ISO9001 quality system certified.

Production Line


Spinneret Production Process

Spinneret Production Process

Spinneret Precision Finishing Process


Spinneret Test Equipment


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